Demonic Attack
By Leo ( From a fan)

This happened back in 2010, I was an Overseas Filipino Worker  for almost 4 years as documents controller.  I had this supernatural experience that until now gives chills to my spine.
This started when I heard a voice called my name ” Leo I’m calling you to be a pastor” the voice said. I answered “Is anyone there?” but no one replied, I was expecting a reply for I was in a unisex public bathroom. “Leo, I want you to be my pastor” the voice came out again.  I rushed to tell my co-workers about this but they never listen.

Days passed I was very sick and I started to hear voices, I was taken to the hospital but the doctors cannot explain what is happening to me. This happen multiple times and I was burning with fever I was taken to the hospital again, but this time my company sent me to a psychiatric ward. I cried of anger for what my company did to me. Luckily someone helped me to be released in the psychiatric ward.

The voices remained everyday it tormented me I had different kinds of sickness. When I returned to the Philippines we immediately went to a pastor. The Pastor explained that this is just “god’s” calling but I disagree, how can God torment me?! All of this advises from these Baptist pastors are useless.
Everytime I sleep I felt someone crushing and hurting  my feet. This did not only ruin me physically but also ruined my relationship with my family, friends, my workplace and everyone I met.

The Bed Shaker

by HpeSoJa


This story happened to my sister while she is boarding into a nuns dormitory somewhere in the Philippines. It was in the middle of the night when she was awakened by what she thought was an earthquake. Upon rising from her bed it stopped so she wait for a while thinking there might be an after shocked. So after a few minutes of waiting she goes back to sleep but then the shaking resumed. So what she did is pray the rosary and went to sleep.
The day after she asked persons from that dormitory if there are ghost in that place. And they confirmed “yes” one on the left wing and one on the right. On the left wing where she stayed was a ghost of a playful child while on the right was a ghost of a teenage girl who committed suicide, they say that at night you might see a girl hanging with a rope on his neck.


Ghostly Footprints

by Jubelle


I had this experience that I will never forget. I came from a three-hour travel City, and I am studying in one of the oldest private catholic schools in Bacolod City here in the Philippines.

I’ve got no where else to stay, so my grandmother, who is a nun from the community that runs the school, recommended me to stay at an aged ladies dormitory owned by a 94 year old school where I admitted this college. It was on first semester when I kinda experience this creepy things in my room. I was alone for that week because of the busy Intramural week.

My roommate left to spend the week in her home while I was kinda spending it alone at night and practicing for the event that I joined at day. It was a wednesday. My phone got no more battery so I decided to sat down at the outlet like I used to because I always use my phone while charging. Then I saw these weird footprints under my roommates bed. We usually walk with alternating pattern of Left-right-left-right.

But thing I saw under the bed (I mean in the middle of it, Note: MIDDLE) were Left-right-left-left then another Footprint on the bed itself. What a dirty feet. It was a whole shape of the feet. Whole feet. Full of dirt when in the fact I just cleaned our room yesterday. I got so scared so I cleaned our room.

How can there be footprints? I closed and locked the door. Then after some time, just this past few weeks, my other dorm mates asked me if I experienced something in our room. And I found out that the other rooms also had an experience with that dirty footprint. Then I got mortified then.

The Headless Nun


by HpeSoJA
My Friend and former classmate back in high school told me this story and up to now I can still remmember it.
It happened why they where jogging as a warm up for their taekwando practice in a private Catholic School in the Philippines. One of his friends stopped and got stunned they then ask him/her(I’m not sure if that person is a girl or a boy) he/she told them “While we were jogging I saw a nun and IT HAS NO HEAD!” right at that spot(pointing besides the drinking fountain)

The Burned Woman

by HpeSoJA


This happened when I was in 3rd year high school in our chemistry class. Our teacher was discussing about some chemistry stuff then suddenly she stopped discussing and got chills.
She just said the magic words “Class dismiss”
Our class president ask her “Why did you stop miss?”
She responded”I saw a woman with a burned face beside the door staring at me”. (Well, I was sitting near the door where she saw the ghost but I did not felt any creeps untill my teacher mentioned this story.)
Before this incident happen a fire brokeout near our school and there’s a news that a woman died in that fire.

The Ghostly Stare

by HpeSoJA

This happened back when i was 5 years old in our house back then it was located in a naval air based in Cavite City, Philippines. This naval based was once occupied with American soldiers during WWII so there are many ghost stories revolve around this place like the “white lady” that scared our near by neighbor for years.
Anyway, It was in the middle of the night maybe 11-11:30pm when i felt thirsty so  i got out off bed and went down stairs then i saw a man staring at me with an angry expression I can only see his face cause it is dark. This could have been my imagination due to the result of my thirst but untill now it gives me creeps.

Bathroom ghost

by TheAlienOnEarth


This happen  in 2006 at  one of the  public elementary schools in Bacolod City, Philippines. During that night there was an indoor camping in that school and the teachers re-assemble the students for the bonfire. Now there was this kid who went up to his/her(not sure if this kid is a boy or a girl) classroom to get something. Then he/she saw something unusual the door to the classroom’s bathroom door was open. And the faucet suddenly burst open. No one could play a prank on this kid cause all of the students was on the bonfire on that time. And there are no janitors on that school.

The Demon at the Door

By Angel
I was 11 when this happened. One night, when I had gone to bed, I woke up to hear a noise and looked to my open bedroom door, where I saw a dark figure (which was outlined by the bathroom light remaining on) staring at me with red eyes.
Thinking that it was my mother, I had called out to her multiple times, each time getting louder and louder. By the third time I called out to her, her red eyes did not move and I was getting frantic, screaming out to my mom and hiding beneath my covers.

Come to find out my mother was in the living room fast asleep and had woken up from my calls, running into my room. When I looked at her, the black figure had gone and I have not seen it since. But I guess I had always been afraid after that of what might be watching me or threatening to harm me at any given moment. I know that was a demon…it was too dark and felt too evil…

Party Haunting

By Oinny
This is what happened to me on a party when I was 9. I had my 2 cousins, my best friend and my best friend’s brother over at my house. We all went into the basement to start playing around. Then, my younger cousin starts screaming. We ask him what he saw and he says, “How many people do we have?” We respond 5 and he starts to cry. He says “someone rushed past you’re friend” to me. I look at my friend and he looks terrified. He says he felt cold down there. “I didn’t” I said. I and my friend go down. We hear strange noises from behind the storage room door. My friend who is 10 has the guts to open the door. As soon as he opened it he ran screaming “A ghost grabbed at me!” We all run up again. I stared in complete horror at my best friend’s face. He was smiling horribly, his eyebrows down like he was mad. I slap him, back to his senses. I see something; I don’t know what, like a figure run down to the basement. We all agree not to go down there again for the rest of the night.


House on Halloween Hill

By Paula Hamilton

All of the trick or treaters avoided the house on halloween hill. The owners were really scary and only ever came out at night. It started when a boy called Josh and his girlfriend were ghostbusting. Josh’s girlfriend dared him to go up to the house. So off he went up the hill. The owners had gone out for their midnight shopping. He went down the stairs to the basement and just as he got to the bottom, he heard the front door open. He hid in one of the boxes. He heard footsteps on the stairs. He opened the lid slightly and saw the woman open a fridge and take out a bottle of blood. She then went up the stairs and closed the door. He got out of the box he was hiding in and turned to look at it. To his horror there infront of him were two coffins. Before long he heard them again. Josh froze in shock. He had to hide but could not move. The door opened and in walked the owners. They saw Josh straight away. They grabbed him. He screamed. Josh was never seen again.

Don’t Look Out the Window

By Charlotte

When i was ten me and my best mate use to sleepover at each others houses on the weekends. It was my turn to sleepover at hers. In her room she had a bunk bed facing the window and i was sleeping on the top. We were watching tv and from her window you can see a row of houses and a row of trees. It was quite dark and for some reason i just looked out of the window and stared at the nearest tree, felt like someone was watching me. All of a sudden I saw this long black leg stick out from the tree and disappear!! I told my mate and when she looked nothing was there. It gave me chills whenever we played near them trees.

My Roommate
by Macki

My boyfriend accompanied me to my boarding house to check if my laundry service already arrived. he waited for me outside the boarding house. while i was walking in the gloomy corridors of the boarding house, i felt this strange feeling that someone or something is looking at me, so i walked faster.when i got to my room, a gust of cold, creepy wind pass by me. the weird thing is, my windows is always closed so its quite impossible to get cold in my room. when i opened the lights in my room, to my horror, i saw a girl sitting in my bed,she was wearing a white bloodied tattered dress, she has no left arm, bloodshot eyes, her skin was already`decomposing and worst, her head was twisted 360 degrees!!!!

i woke up this morning in my boyfriend’s room. he said he found me unconscious at the side of my closet. he told me that my hair was like crazy and my face, hands and feet is full of dirt. the creepy thing is, he found a pool of blood in my bed,and a bloody hanky with a cursive name, marissa. at first i still cant move on about what happened last night but i pulled up my guts to go back to my room. when my boyfriend and i went back to my boarding house, we saw the landlord sitting in the side bench of the house, we asked him about the past of my room and the former boarders who used the room, his face turned pale then said, marissa is still there isnt she? then he cried while telling us that marissa was his daughter. before he turned his house into a boarders house, her daughter marissa was the one who was using the room i rented. she was just 12 when she was raped and stabbed to death by their gardener. when the gardener was about to fix the body, the body accidentally slipped in his hands, and fell on the entrance stairs and marissa’s head was twisted 360 degrees. after what i heard, i would never, EVER go back to that room again…

Old Woman
by Rachael


I have had many encounters with the Paranormal, but I have decided to tell you the story of what happened to my brother about 3 months ago.
My fathers house is split into sections with certain doors lock to make it safer for everyone at night, for instance the Bedrooms and bathroom have a door between the living room and kitchen etc that is locked at night so no one can get to us.

Anyway, one night we was all asleep, mine and my brothers bedroom is downstairs, our sisters and dads upstairs. I am a light sleeper and every time my brother wakes up I normally hear him walk past the corridor and I wake up, if any one walks past my door I wake up, and one night I heard my brother running to my fathers & Step-mums room. I didn’t think much else about that night, I couldn’t go to sleep for ages as I was a bit creep out but I finally managed to drift off.

The next morning me and his mum (my step mum was talking) and she told me that last night, my little brother had gone to her saying there was an old woman in the middle of his room talking to him, and she wouldn’t shut up and he couldn’t go to sleep. So he came running to his mum and asked to sleep in their bed.

You probably think nothing of this story but the fact that, no one can get to our room as the door is ALWAYS lock at night that separates the bedrooms from the rest of the house, I WOULD of heard someone walk past my door and ALSO before my dad bought the house an old woman owned it, she died and my father got the house.

Just makes you think…my brothers bedroom used to be mine and I never liked that room at night, there’s something about it…that’s strange…oh well hope yo enjoyed my story!



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