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The Tale of Tiniente Gimo


I was born and raised in Cavite City then we moved here in Negros in 2008 back then I heard a story about one of the most famous “Aswang” here in Negros and his name is Tiniente Gimo.

Tiniente Gimo and his family were rumored to be a family of Aswang. He doesn’t deny it and he took pride with the power he had. People feared him and he liked it.

His daughter attended local college and had friends. During a semestral break, she invited her girl friend, let’s call her Maria, to visit their town (In the other version, she invited two friends). Her friend Maria, excited to visit the town she had never seen before, agreed. Little did she know that she will be the next victim.
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It’s been a while, but I’m back! By the way if you guys would like to feature a story or an article about paranormal/horror stuffs feel free to comment or you can email me at

I have hear a link to my friends blog about poems and some short stories which I find great so I shares it to you guys.


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