Human Alien Hybrids Walk Among Us

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No extraterrestrial power shall take, possess, or manipulate human biological or genetic material for any purpose whatsoever.
– The Declaration of Human Sovereignty

Our genetic code is sacred. It’s what makes us human rather than something else. Humanity has just begun to explore the opportunities and dangers of this new power. How far will we go with it? What will a human being look like in 500 years? It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for certain: humans should be firmly in control of our genetic destiny. This is sadly not the case today.

The alien invasion has been hard at work. Alien abductions have been going on for decades. What’s it all for, anyway? Consider that many abductees report having cruel breeding experiments performed on them. Abductions tend to be a family affair. Why are aliens so interested in our children?

“The interbreeding program is becoming very successful. Already there are those walking your Earth who are born of the visitors’ consciousness and collective endeavor. They cannot reside here for long periods of time, but within only a few years, they will be able to dwell upon the surface of your world permanently. Such will be the perfection of their genetic engineering that they will seem only slightly different from you, more in their manner and in their presence than in their physical appearance, to such a point that they will likely go unnoticed and unrecognized. However, they will have greater mental faculties. And this will give them an advantage that you could not match unless you were trained in The Ways of Insight.” — The Allies of Humanity Book 1


The Allies of Humanity tell us that the creation of a alien-human hybrid has been one of the alien invasion’s key projects here. They have been successful. Hybrids walk among us. They look and sound and feel just like us. The two key differences are their psychic abilities and their allegiance to foreign alien powers. The alien invasion’s intention is to have these hybrids become advisers to humans in positions of power.
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