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The Negros Occidental Capitol

Back when I was in 2nd year high school I heard a story about some young girls on my alma mater that was tormented by a ghost of a girl in dirty white dress. These girls from my former school was shooting for a project but eerie things started to happen upon seeing the girl dressed in dirty white clothes. They were followed every where by this girl even  on their parents vehicles and on their houses. So their parents decided to go to the cathedral ( San Sebastian Cathedral) and be exorcised  after that the sighting of the girl ceased.

The Negros Occidental Capitol is said to be haunted by many ghost and paranormal creatures. Lets take a look of its history.

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The Congelier Mansion

The Congelier Mansion
The Congelier Mansion

Once the home of Charles Wright Congelier, his wife Lyda and a servant named Essie was located in the northern area of Manchester in Pittsburgh, PA. During the winter months of 1871 Lyda discovered the terrible secret that her husband was having an affair with Essie. According to the homes history, In a fit of rage she stabbed her husband to death, and cut off Essie’s head.

For the next 20 years the home sat vacant, until 1892 when it was used to accommodate railroad workers who moved out only a few short months claiming to have heard the noises of a woman sobbing, or sometimes screaming throughout the night.
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