Kakakilabot  is a filipino word which means horrible or terrifying. this  blogsite is created to show viewers that we are not the only ones in this earth. There are other entities which we cannot see but lives among us. We post not only stories and articles about ghost, vampires, monsters but also some stories about psychopath murder, taboo and cultism.
Enjoy Our Site!!!!!


Joseph Agudelo
The Creator


Wil Agudelo

On December of 2013 the professor of E Commerce class gave a project to create a blog about topics that we think would have many viewers. After 3-5 days of pondering Wil Joseph Agudelo(The creator of this site) decided to create a horror blog site about true or fictional stories. On January 15, 2014 Kakakilabot.wordpress.com was created and the first post of this blog was aobut the chinese warning  illuminaties.  And from then on this blogsite continues to post horror articles,videos and stories of terror and horror.


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