The Philippine’s Legendary Aswang “Maria Labo “

Maria Labo was the name used to refer to the female vampire who came from Iloilo or Capiz
Maria Labo was the name used to refer to the female vampire who came from Iloilo or Capiz

Maria Labo is from the province of Capiz. Maria Labo have a happy family she had a kind  and loving husband and one son. Maria Labo was decide working abroad in England, for the sake of her family. She had a good employer, who treated her well, but she did not know that here employer was a vampire. In the months she was employed,  The employer of Maria would always provide her with half-cooked liver to eat.

After months of working for him, Maria began to feel sick. She did not know that she had ingested some blood of her vampire employer. Due to her unknown illness, Maria decided to return home to the Philippines, to live with her family.The husband of Maria was a police officer. One day, after the husband returned home from work, Maria told her husband that she had already prepared dinner. Upon which time the husband of Maria sat down to the table and asked Maria, “Where is our son?“.

To which Maria replied, “Our son is right there!“. The husband of Maria did not know what she meant. He was unaware that the meat he had eaten that day, was in fact their son!
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One thought on “The Philippine’s Legendary Aswang “Maria Labo “”

  1. The movie suggests that she worked as a Care Giver in Saudi Arabia and that she met in the neighberhood an old Filipina that have been working there for years now. Maria’s master told her that the old Filipina she met never spoke to anyone but her and implied that maybe it’s because that she is a Filipina also (but for my opinion that would be unlikely because it would suggest that their is no Filipino near that place except for her and with agencies sending filipinos to that place it’s kind of a far-fetch). One day Maria’s master asked her to buy groceries, but when she went out she got captured by 3 men and raped her. They then let her go and 2 officials saw her and took her to the hospital. The doctors said she was mentally disordered (maybe because of the raping), when she was all alone the old Filipina went to her, grabbed her face and opened her mouth, she then passed the Evil Spirit to her and after that the old Filipina died and disappeared. Maria can no longer work and was sent back to the Philipines. In the Provincial Hospital she started to drink the blood of other patients. When her husband Ermin finds out the his wife was at the hospital, he asked the doctor and signed the waiver that he would take her home, but the doctor told him that she might not even know him, despite being warned by the doctor Ermin still begged to take her home and so the doctor agreed. At home she was a normal and she would only transform to a demonic state (aswang) when she either smells blood or if something irritates her badly. The movie showed that when her 2 children was playing “Lagsanay” (Tag) she got angry and pointed the knife on them. Another time is when the children was playing “Panago-ay” (Hide and Seek) they got injured and ran to their mother, Maria smelled their blood and one by one killed and cooked them. At “Panyapon” (Dinner Time) she served their children to her husband, Ermin had no idea that it was their children and loved her wife’s cooking. He then asked Maria to call their kids and eat but Maria didn’t answer with words but instead she was pointing with her lips to the pot. Ermin got irritated that she doesn’t answer so he got up and look at the pot and was horrified to see their children’s “Bangkay” (Corpse). Maria tried to kill Ermin but Ermin being a police shoots her, she is too fast and evades the bullets and ran away. Ermin burried their kids and Maria was their and was apologizing then suddenly attacks Ermin, he picked up a “Binangon” (Machete) and slash her face, she ran away with a scar. To shorten the story she killed a bunch of people, police and other animals before she got shot and proclaimed dead 2 times. Again she revived and until now she roams the country. At least that was the movie suggests.

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