Aka Manto

Aka Manto  (Japanese for Red Cloak)
Aka Manto (Japanese for Red Cloak)

Aka Manto (Japanese for Red Cloak) is the story of a handsome young man who somehow ended up as a vengeful soul within toilet blocks in japan (toilet blocks are a common theme within these sorts of myths).

As the story goes, a girl will enter a toilet block to do her business, during which an ominous voice will ask (in Japanese) “Red paper or Blue paper?” (due to the language, the word for paper can often be bastardised into cloak) at which point two rolls of respectively coloured toilet paper appears within the stall of the victim.

If the victim chooses the red paper, the handsome red cloaked man will appear and tear the skin from the victim, seemingly much in the same way Pyramid Head from Silent Hill does in the movie, which will leave the still alive and writhing victim to feel the pain as they are “cloaked” in their own blood. They die by bleeding to death.

Should the victim choose blue paper, they will have the blood drained out of them, either by syringe-like tendrils, or having their feet cut open by the Manto himself. Again, the cause of death is blood loss, albeit far less gruesome than the other option.
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