Mary Cherry Chua

Mary Cherry Chua
Mary Cherry Chua

One day, Mary Cherry had to stay late in school because of an activity. It was near dusk already when she said goodbye to her classmates. Later that night, the frantic parents of Mary Cherry called her classmates one by one asking if they had seen their daughter, since the girl has not arrived home yet and this was very unusual since Mary Cherry diligently goes home after school. However, not one of Mary Cherry’s classmates were able to say where she was.

The following morning, Mary Cherry’s body was found behind a shrubbery in the school’s spacious yard. She was strangled to death with her own necktie, her skirt all the way up to her chest and her panty was found below her ankles: clear indication that she was raped. Her mouth was still open, evidently she struggled for breath as her assailant choked her. Her grieving, outraged parents of course cried justice for their daughter. It was a huge scandal at that time. The school had to do damage control because what happened would not only put a black mark on the name of the school, if they wanted to keep their students (which I mentioned were all girls), they have to catch the culprit and they have to do it fast. Read more


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