The Coal Eater “Sigbin”

The Sigbin
The Sigbin

The Sigbin or Sigben, is very popular in the Philippines, these mythical creatures said to lurk at nights when the moon is fool and look for food, it sucks the blood and soul from human shadows, or eats coal “uling in local dialect”.

The Sigbin walks backward with its head behind its knees, it almost look like “smeagol” in the lord of the rings trilogy, only with a tail. They are believed to be fast runners, and bring good luck to anyone who captures this creature.
It disguises itself in the daylight as a squash, and has an ability to be invisible to the naked eye, making it impossible to kill, but it is a possibility to kill it with a whip of some sort. You can avoid a Sigbin by walking in front of it not behind it. Read more

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