American Cage Fighter Rips Heart Out from Personal Trainer

Jarrod Wyatt
Jarrod Wyatt

An American cage fighter was apprehended after having ripped out his trainers still beating heart from his chest. He says he was convinced that his friend, Taylor Powell, had been possessed by the Devil. He also cut out his tongue and ripped off most of his face. Looks like the crazies have sprung up on the West coast now.

Jarrod Wyatt, 26, was found standing naked over his friend and trainer covered in blood from head to toe. There were body parts thrown around the room with blood spattered all over the walls and to top it off, a lone eyeball in the middle of the room. Justin Davis, another of Wyatt’s buddies, stumbled upon this grisly scene after going to check on him at his apartment in Klamath, California. Wyatt later told police that he had drunk a cup of tea spiked with hallucinogenic mushrooms. Um, sounds more like it was spiked with PCP, Meth, or perhaps the Rage Virus. Either that or he must have been in a really bad state of mind during his trip.
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