Gettysburg ghost


On a balmy afternoon in June of 1863, Federal General John Buford peered through his binoculars across a field just west of the town of Gettysburg. He was perplexed as he gazed at a column of Confederate soldiers marching along Chambersburg Pike. He knew this body of men was too large for a raiding party; what he didn’t know was that they were an advance element of Confederate General Heth’s division. What he didn’t know was that he was to be the general to instigate the pivotal battle of the American Civil War. What he didn’t know was that three days later, fifty three thousand men would soak the fields red with the blood of the dead and dying.
It is with little wonder that an abundance of ghost sightings are reported time and again from visitors who frequent the town and battlefield year after year. It is as well with little wonder that Gettysburg has obtained the reputation of being the most haunted place in America. Even the skeptics who refuse to believe even in the possibility of ghosts, won’t refute the possibility of this haunted locale. Could that be due to the magnitude of the historical event? Could it be the reverence of this hallowed ground by students of history and John Q. Public? Could it even be that the ardent skeptic will unknowingly open themselves up to the possibility with the mind numbing knowledge of the macabre event which took place 136 years ago.
On July 1, 1863, what began as a skirmish soon escalated into a heated battle with the arrival of Federal General John Reynolds’ infantry. The Confederates pressed, and soon found the Union troops retreating chaotically towards the little town. The streets were thick with soldiers as the Federals retreated toward a designated rallying point just beyond town at Cemetery Hill and Culps Hill. Confederate sharpshooters took up positions through out as their prey was easy and plentiful. Some took position in the Farnsworth House, a small home situated along Baltimore Pike. Their perch was magnificent due to the locale on the main road through town. They mercilessly fired upon retreating soldiers, often hitting their mark. The streets were strewn with dead.
Today, the Farnsworth house functions as a Bed & Breakfast. Bullet holes can still be seen on the southside wall. It is here that many guests report seeing an apparition at the end of the bed during the night, while other guests have reported doors opening and closing through their own volition. One woman incredulously has reported her infant being lifted by unseen hands and gently placed back down. Read more


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