Sumpahan Aisha – Aisha’s Curse

Aishah Masih Hidup

Aishah (not the real name) is one shy country girl. She migrated to capital environment in the year 1984. Aishah experiences its a form of a disease where her eyes are very sensitive to bright light. That is the reason, Aishah always wears sunglasses. And Aishah most taboo if be anyone who photograph her. Because she is sensitive to ‘flash’ that are produce by cameras. Bright light would make Aishah experiences a severe migraine.

Ever once, the factory Aishah works hold an annual party. Photographer assigned for photo taking, accidentally snap Aishah’s picture. Then Aishah suddenly have a severe headache until foams came out of her mouth while enduring the pain. She struggle on the floor until the ambulance came. For 3 days, Aishah was warded in hospital in special room where lights are switch off and only open when necessary. That photographer also came to visit Aishah and apologize to her.

Since that day Aishah had stopped work. Doctor supplied her with a few medication and was asked so that she rested for a long stretch of period. She just sits at home and only go out at night where light are not so bright; to buy food. Her housemate sympathy with Aishah’s state, permit her to stay without having to pay the rent until she is really recovered to return home.  Readmore


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