Toys’R’Us Sunnyvale, CA


While many people may not think of a modern superstore as being haunted, the  Toys’R’Us haunting reminds us that every plot of ground has a history.   Built in 1970, the toy store is a 60,000 square foot one story building. It  is located thirty miles South of San Francisco, at 130 East El Camino, in  Sunnyvale, CA. This was once an apple orchard, and part of a huge ranch  owned by John Murphy during the late 1800s. Paranormal activity occurs regularly at this site. Typically, employees  unlock the store in the morning and find toys and books scattered about when  they had been neatly shelved the night before. Sometimes, objects fly  through the air or simply end up in a different place. People have reported  being touched when no one is around. Also, some have heard a voice that they  didn’t recognize calling their name. Aisle 15C sometimes smells of fresh  flowers. Many employees and customers have reported incidents that have occurred in  the women’s bathroom. The water faucets start pouring when no one else is  around. If turned off, they go on again. Women have reported being tapped on  the shoulder. Those with long hair sometimes feel it being stroked by  someone that they can’t see. Read more


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